Five Rivers

from by El Ego



"Where am I going so far? How to explain all my mistakes and if I chose the right way? How could I make you understand, and why should I even try to?

It's going to be hard because I can't be just an ordinary man. I'm going to be judged, but this is how some of the greatest deeds start. All my enemies are only shadows here, but grudge won't mean a thing when all my memories disappear.

I'm after the trail of eternity as I'm crawling by that muddy misery. I've got the coin under my tongue to pay the boatman that's taking me home.

Five were the rivers I had to go through: Grief, Hate, Oblivion, Fire and Lament. These are the pillars of a brand new strength; these are the pillars of my new fortress. I'll stamp the ground to wake up Hades himself. I'll stamp the ground until all hell breaks loose"


from We've Been Dead Before, released October 1, 2011



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El Ego Madrid, Spain

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