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"Give me a second chance. Let me to go back to that place. Let me to go back and say all the things that I forgot to say. Let me to go back, just one more time and I won't fail… not again. Let me to go back to my childhood and I won't doubt; I won't fear.

Now I know I was wrong.

I can't stop dreaming of reincarnation. Reconquer the past… my entire obsession. I can't stop dreaming of my redemption; escape from this current that keeps dragging me down
and wandering aimlessly.

I was wrong.

One moonless night dazzled my eyes. I was blinded by a hint of The Illumination, a flashing light that buried my eyes with the two thumbs of time. Familiar voices call me by my name, like a forgotten song; the echo of absence that steals my rest"


from We've Been Dead Before, released October 1, 2011



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El Ego Madrid, Spain

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